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Comprehensive® Shoulder System

Ideal option for hemi and total shoulder arthroplasty that provides for patient specific implant selection

The Comprehensive® Shoulder System features a broad array of options, including wide-ranging sizes, customizable offset, potential for enhanced fixation and easy-to-use instrumentation. It also offers the flexibility to move from a hemi-arthroplasty to a total arthroplasty, or revise if necessary....More Information >

Copeland™ Humeral Resurfacing Head

The most bone preserving shoulder implant on the market

The Copeland™ Humeral Resurfacing Head features a revolutionary design that conserves bone and utilizes a patient’s natural anatomy for implant placement. Its anatomical alignment allows for exact retroversion, exact angle of inclination and exact posterior offset...More Information >

Copeland™ EAS™ Humeral Resurfacing Head

Conservative approach for cuff tear arthropathy

The Copeland™ EAS™ Humeral Resurfacing Head is based on the clinically proven Copeland Humeral Resurfacing Head.1-4 It provides a conservative stemless option for cuff tear arthropathy (CTA) and offers easy conversion to a stemmed....More Information >

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