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Arcos® Modular Femoral Revision System

Simplifying Complex Femoral Revision Surgery

The Arcos® Modular Femoral Revision System is a comprehensive femoral revision system that meets the demands of complex revision surgery by offering 117 proximal/distal combinations, multiple auxiliary fixation options and one simple instrumentation platform. This system provides surgeons and O.R. staff customization, surgical control, O.R. efficiency and reproducibility in a way that addresses patient and practice needs....More Information >

ReCap® Femoral Resurfacing System

Replacement of the diseased surface of the femoral head while simultaneously restoring the normal anatomy and biomechanical function.

The ReCap® Femoral Resurfacing System replaces the diseased surface of the femoral head and is designed to restore the normal anatomy and biomechanical function of the hip joint.

The major advantage of the ReCap® Femoral Resurfacing System is its conservative nature. By avoiding medullary canal...More Information >

Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct

Clinically Proven Material. Advanced Porous Technology

Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct unites the proven clinical history of titanium1 with an enhanced interconnecting pore structure, resulting in a revolutionary material that provides for biologic fixation.2,3....More Information >

Taperloc® Hip System

5 years of proven clinical success1-4

Combining excellent clinical success and durability for the last 25 years, the Taperloc® hip continues to deliver consistent, reproducible results. The Taperloc® stem is designed after the European philosophy of a flat tapered wedge. It has evolved to incorporate the Reduced Distal and Microplasty™ stems to better address all patient anatomies and facilitate multiple surgical techniques. ...More Information >

Regenerex® RingLoc®+ Modular Acetabular System

Next generation locking features coupled with advanced porous metal technology

The Regenerex® RingLoc®+ Modular Acetabular System combines the proven RingLoc® shell design with next generation cup features and Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct to achieve an optimal combination of stability, strength and intraoperative flexibility in primary and revision hip surgery....More Information >

E1® Antioxidant Infused Technology

The only antioxidant infused bearing technology

Infused with vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, E1® Technology defines a new class of alternative bearings and overcomes the limitations of polyethylene by uniting long-term material stability, high strength and ultra-low wear...More Information >

Taperloc® and Balance® Microplasty™ Hip Stems

Clinically proven heritage, bone conserving design

Biomet now offers the Taperloc® and Balance® Microplasty™ Hip Stems to address the growing demand for minimally invasive options in total hip arthroplasty. These stems are conducive to multiple minimally invasive techniques, including ASI, and provide surgeons with an alternative to femoral resurfacing....More Information >

M2a-Magnum™ Large Metal Articulation

Not all Metal-on-Metal Designs are the Same

  • Insufficient acetabular-head coverage has been linked to increased metal ion levels, metal debris and MoM implant failures1,2
  • One report links poor fixation to cup design3

More Information >

Biolox® delta Ceramic Femoral Heads

Low wear with multiple liner options

Biomet offers both the Biolox® delta and the Biolox® delta Option Ceramic Femoral Heads. The Biolox® delta component is a traditional one piece ceramic head indicated for primary hip arthroplasty only. The Biolox® delta Option ceramic head features a titanium neck sleeve designed to allow surgeons to utilize a ceramic head in either primary or revision hip arthroplasties. Biolox® delta and Biolox® delta Option Ceramic Femoral Heads are available for use with....More Information >

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